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Why using LED lamp is better?
Led lamp can be used much longer and save energy which can save more than 80% energy compared with incandescent bulb,3w can replace 25w incandescent bulb.and LED light have no UV and IR,so it is for better for eyes protction.the lifespan of incandescent bulb is just 1000h-2000h,so it has to change the incandescent bulb every one year,and too much power have be wasted,80% of the power has become heat.

How about the CFL lamp?
CFL lamp can save energy too,but the problem is,it has mercury which is disaster for people's heath when it broken,and it has UV light when it turn on which is bad.

What is SMD?
SMD is surface mounted device.

What is 3528SMD and 5050SMD?
3528 and 5050 is the size of the led,which is 35*28 and 50*50,it has one chip inside the 3528smd and three chip inside the 5050smd so one 5050smd led has more light out put then one 3528smd led and the price will be different too.

Why SMD LED is better?
SMD can be massive manufactured by SMT(surface mounted technology) machine.so it has reduced the cost of LED lamp,so the smd led lamp is much cheaper,SMD LED is low power consumption led ,the 3528smd has only 0.075w and 5050 just need 0.2w power consumption.and it can be designed to be any shape of bulb.

What is the main factor when choose led bulb?
The heat emission  management of the bulb is very important for high power led bulb if it has good design for the heat dissipation,the led bulb can be used much longer.

Why is the kanzo's led GU10 is aluminum casing?
It is looks good and also it is the best way for cooling,the heat can be easily conducted out the bulb,so aluminum casing spotlight can be use much longer.this is best solution for halogen spotlight replacement.

How is the LED bulb market?
The EU and many of other countries have already policy to forbid importing incandescent bulb,and the led bulb is best products to replace it,so There is masive opportunities there.

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